Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't say goodbye

3 years ago, before we landed in this very foreign land we once questioned.

"Why do we have to be with them?"
"Why can't it be just us Gaya?"

And said.
"We'll never get along well."

But now, when the 3 years almost pass
Things changed and we questioned again.

"Why do we have to be separated?"
"Why do they put us together for 3 years and separate us again?"

We have come this far
From strangers we became  friends
From friends we make one little family
Accompanying each other 
in this foreign land.

The bonding is definitely stronger
Which makes it harder to let go
I know I'll miss you, you and you
Especially my dear Raleigh's mates.

B.Ed Tesl Year 3, Farewell Party
Photo courtesy of Pinku No Ichigo Yuki


with our lovely lecturer, Roisin.

with the famous Nick Bilbrough

with beloved Tracey

I hate goodbyes :'(