Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long pause

Know what hurts more than a break-up? Having to start all over again, from A to Z. I don't like changes to be honest especially when I already got myself comfortable with certain things. It may take time to readjust to my life now but I'm sure I'll make it through, if nobody is 'too eager' to update me with anything related to the other party,be it intentionally or just a slip of tongue. There is already so much that a person could endure,so I would very much appreciate it if you could do me this little favour :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

8 years and counting

To have someone who are willing to be by your side through your thick and thin, laughter and pain, is such a blessing. And I am blessed to have my girls to support me when needed, accompany me through ups and downs and assure me everything is gonna be alright when things are going against my way. Thanks my darling angels. 
It's our 8th anniversary this year and I hope it will be the 8th of many more years to come. You can count on me just like how I can count on you both. Much love babes and I'm looking forward to our next reunion :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Dear Plymouth,

Although you're just a small city down the West Country, you have a big place in my heart. You may not be as lively and famous as London or some other places like Paris and Rome. But the memories we had throughout my almost 3 years stay are long enough that it breaks my heart to walk away from you. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Together we had experienced them. I remembered the first winter we had together. It was snowing heavily, leaving you all covered in white. I was too excited that I spent more than two hours with you in the snow. Rolling snow balls, having snow fight, making snowman. Such priceless experience. When it was spring, you showed me how colourful life could be with flowers blooming all around. Then came summer with the sun shining around you. You are as beautiful as ever when it's sunny. Autumn appeared next and it gave me a calm, nostalgic feeling. If you asked me, I must say autumn is the best moment we shared together. Now that I'm leaving soon, very soon, I can't bear thinking that I might not be able to see you again. I'll definitely miss you and one thing for sure you are a part of my life, always have always will. Thanks for everything and sorry if I have ever been ungrateful towards you. 


Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't say goodbye

3 years ago, before we landed in this very foreign land we once questioned.

"Why do we have to be with them?"
"Why can't it be just us Gaya?"

And said.
"We'll never get along well."

But now, when the 3 years almost pass
Things changed and we questioned again.

"Why do we have to be separated?"
"Why do they put us together for 3 years and separate us again?"

We have come this far
From strangers we became  friends
From friends we make one little family
Accompanying each other 
in this foreign land.

The bonding is definitely stronger
Which makes it harder to let go
I know I'll miss you, you and you
Especially my dear Raleigh's mates.

B.Ed Tesl Year 3, Farewell Party
Photo courtesy of Pinku No Ichigo Yuki


with our lovely lecturer, Roisin.

with the famous Nick Bilbrough

with beloved Tracey

I hate goodbyes :'(

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Once a year happiness

Yummilicious Moist Chocolate Cake
by Al and Co.

So much for sharing birthday with Queen Elizabeth II
by Clare

Gorgeous hairclip and painting
by Rama

Purplish and Pink cards
by Shah and Faiz

by Al and Ben

Vintage Bucket
by Sabrina

Pink Roses
by Al and Ben

Inspiring Book
by Clare

To-die-for top
by Clare

Sexy Red Wedges
by yours truly

Thank you dear lovelies for the birthday gifts,cards,wishes and surprise party.
Love Love Love you guys to bits.

*such belated post ngehehe*

At 23...

I'm a thousand miles away from home.

I've experienced living in England.

I've experienced the 4 seasons.

Spring and Summer

Autumn and Winter

I've been to 7 countries around Europe.
Italy: Venice, Rome, Pisa
Vatican City :SOON!

1 and 2: Geneva and Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.
3 and 5: Amsterdam and Holland, Netherland
4: Brugge, Belgium
6: Austria
7 and 8: Munich and Rhine Valley, Germany
9: Paris, France.

I've visited two of the football stadiums in England (although I dont't fancy any hehe)

I've met and befriended people from around the globe.

British, Indian, Singaporean, Bruneian, Polish, Canadian, Bangladeshi, South African, Chinese, Irish, Australian.

I know how it feels to be working part time and receiving monthly pays.

I've bought my very first smartphone using my hard-earned money from the part time job. Such satisfaction!

I'll be leaving England in 6-week time :'(

But most of all, at 23 I'm still alive and blessed with beautiful family and friends. 
I thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given me. 

Today I'm 23 years and a week old :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Glad it's over :)

After 3 months of hard work, I can finally enjoy my life back without being haunted by dissy. woohoo. I've made it to the end despite whatever happened in between. To everyone who has been there for me throughout this dissy writing, thank you ever so much!

Finally :)

Now I'm done and I don't wanna think about the result just yet. I just wanna have a break and catch up with whatever I've left behind. Movies, travelling, novels, pictures, friends and oooh my baby HTC. 

So looking forward to see those smiling faces again. 
Have a nice day everyone :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Far Far Away

It's unbearable.
If I could run away now, I would.
But there's still something needed to be settled.
For everything that happened/will happen,
I would love to be somewhere far
Somewhere I could find peace
Somewhere nobody knows
And when I return
I wanna be someone new.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

If you see me

If you see me cry
do not offer comfort
'coz it will make me cry
even harder.

If you see me upset
do not ask why
'coz the more i tell
the more i am upset.

i just need to be strong. i don't need sympathy.
you know me, but you don't know my story.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Never gonna be alone

For the wonderful friends I'm blessed with, I thank you Lord. It's always good to know that there would be someone by your side through thick and thin, laughter and pain. I may not be the best friend in the world but I'd do my everything if you ever need me. 

For the friends who have become strangers now, I hope someday we'll be good again. I do not know when but I do hope miracle would come.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leaving you behind soon

membership card with daddy's name being wrongly spelled *sigh*

I will definitely miss going to this dance class once I leave UK. Mary, Pitt, Billy, Jane and the other familiar faces. I'll miss you guys too. Sorry that I won't be seeing you guys in these 4 weeks. But I promise I'll be there again after I'm done with my dissertation. Till then, enjoy dancing! I'll catch up on the steps once I'm back on the dance floor.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm into you

Miss B
3rd year student
Currently in a relationship with Mr Dissertation
Entering Chapter 3 of the relationship
Passionate about Autism and Language Learning
Expecting break up on 23rd March 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Diary of a cleaner

It's been 8 months since I started a part time job as a cleaner in Plymouth Uni's Faculty of Health. Didn't really realise it has been that long already and I'm leaving this job soon, in May. I love cleaning, so I don't really find any problems doing it. Let's see what I like and dislike about this job so far.

What I like:
  • The building is very near. It's in the campus itself and takes only 3 minutes from my house.
  • The toilet is not wet like in M'sia thus not too yucky to clean
  • Got to meet friendly lecturers (Mostly Doctors & Professors) & good looking Paramedic & Optometrist
  • Our level and cupboard are the cleanest and tidiest (mintak puji hihi
  • That cute smile from Mr Optometrist. Opppss
  • Got to mingle with British more
What I dislike:
  • The British colleagues are lazy bums. Their messy cupboard just doesn't reflect themselves as cleaners.
  • It's unfair when they do less but still get the same pay at the end of the month.
But whatever. I love cleaning and it's my very first job experience in my whole life. And yes if you ask me, it is a very nice feeling at the end of the month when you see some amount has been paid into your account, your hard-earned money :)

 my colleagues:
Back: Kate, Lisa (supervisor), Sabby
Elisha, Carl, Reggie
Not in the pic: Kerrie

2 Malaysians & 4 British/ Plymouthian 

 Me cleaning the toilet

 Me hovering the corridor
Imagine I have to hover all the way through down there.

It's her last day at work today :( 

Sabby's leaving pressie, a frame of our Xmas dinner's photo

*All photos courtesy of Sabby*

Being a part-time cleaner is not bad after all. At least I get the experience :))

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In which I have to decide

Between attending big bro's wedding or to stay longer and return to Malaysia for good, along with other friends. If I give up the wedding, I'd miss the family gathering. Everyone's gonna be there. How sad. And if I decide to return a lot earlier to Malaysia, I'd miss the chance to enjoy my very last moment here. I'm not certain if I would have another chance to revisit UK in the future. Might as well use the opportunity to spend a little bit quality time here. Travelling to other European countries sound cool!  

But I secretly wished I could have both but it seems miracle refuses to come my way. Either way I have to give up one. And I think I've decided now that I'm gonna stay and go back together with the rest. I wouldn't want to be all alone in a 14-hour journey ever again. Once is enough, trust me.

So, I wouldn't be attending the wedding then. Sorry big bro. Really wish I could be there witnessing your big day. 


Thursday, January 19, 2012

You can tell


Monday, January 9, 2012

Wear your culture with pride

Studying abroad definitely makes you miss lots of stuff back home. To name one, your cultural festival. For two years in a row (gonna have the 3rd one this year I think), I've missed Gawai Dayak a.k.a the Harvest Festival, the festival celebrated by my people, Iban. And when my uncle invited us to join along their visit to a long house of course I said YES PLEASE :) The visit is actually to show my Sabahan future sister-in-law some of the Iban culture. She's been wanting to visit long house, to see how it's like and how people live there. Thus this visit. As for me who don't live in long house, it definitely feels good to refresh my memory of who I am and what my culture is. 

The best part of yesterday's visit was the dance (Ngajat) accompanied by the traditional music (Taboh Iban). One by one was being pulled in to dance and I wasn't exceptional. Thought of refusing but I did it anyway. And no regrets definitely although my 'kajat' (the dance) was not as good. hahaha But at least I have the basic and I won't be ashamed to call myself Iban.

 the future sis-in-law is in green :)

The cousins :)
grace, yours truly, ema, herman, felix, kenneth, desmond

p/s  Wear your culture with pride. If not you, who? 

Friday, January 6, 2012

There will be times...

when you're just too tired of how people treat you. Like you're just needed when they have some favours to ask. When they don't, you're just transparent to them. And I dislike being the only one making the effort. Don't forget, there's a limit to one's patience. There will be times when one will get annoyed and feel like giving up.

And that is exactly how I felt right now.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Somewhere I belong

I'm home!yea, I'm back in Malaysia for the winter break and I'm loving it! Nobody in the house knew about my homecoming except my siblings. We kept it secret as we planned to surprise the parents and grandparents on Christmas Day. So before I was off to London Heathrow Airport, I purposedly called granny just to say hi. She told me she's sad 'cause my youngest brother, Meo and I aren't home for Christmas. Little did she know that we both were coming home! Just imagine how hard I tried to control myself not to burst into laughter.haha. Oh did I mention I hid mummy from my wall post and made sure I didn't post anything related to homecoming on twitter ('cause daddy has twitter acc!)? Sampai mcm tu skali kan? hehe...

So after transits in Cairo and Bangkok, I finally touched down in KL on X'mas eve. And my next flight to Sibu was on X'mas day! Such long journey right? The funny thing was I almost spoil the surprise when suddenly there was an announcement "Penumpang-penumpang..." during my phone call with mummy at the airport. Almost! Luckily I quickly pushed the hang up button. 

To cut it short, my brothers picked me up at the airport while my sister updated us about home. Granny was my first target and she really was surprised and speechless when I suddenly appeared in front of her. She almost cried hugging me. Awww I am loved. Then grandpa and daddy. Both were speechless too upon seeing me. "No wonder I couldn't get through on your line" was what daddy said. I was on a 14-hour journey Daddy, how can you reach me.haha Finally,mummy. She just finished showering upstairs and I quietly waited for her by the cupboard near the kitchen door. Just couldn't help laughing seeing her reaction when she entered the door!

Mission accomplished! I managed to surprise them all :) Just gonna enjoy my remaining days in Malaysia before I'm off to UK again this 14th.

Opps! I have a due date to adhere to this 3rd Jan!!!! Till then, bye peeps!