Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You're my heroes

Oh how much they've grown up!
It seems like just yesterday 
that you two were born,
making another additions to the rubens.

Now both are a lot  taller than me.
But I don't mind.
And I remember how you tried to protect me
from those flirty guys
by acting like you're my boyfriend.
Oh how sweet that was!

I miss you both
Mark Ruben & Leoforster Ruben
my ever so handsome lil brothers ^-^

Your dear sister,
Beattrice Ruben.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet memories won't fade

The coolest crowd during the Euro trip. That's the picture of us playing 'who-got-the-smallest-card-loses' game in the Indian dudes' room. They've got the room with a balcony that gives the best view of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Everyone's jealous! And oh yeah, back to the game we played, anyone who loses had to drink a glass of wine. And guess what! I was the first to drink! What a bad luck. Lucky it was just a half glass of wine as a starter. But it got crazier as Aamir (the dude from India) became the bartender. He's crazy! He mixed up wine + beer + JD. I almost had to drink the first glass of that concoction. Lucky I get to escape 'cause there's a misunderstanding of the instruction. Thank God I didn't have to swallow that drink! We laughed like crazy and some cheated by looking at the mirror or asking the others. It was great fun though.

Did I tell that we were so loud that we could wake the whole hotel up? Crazy right? We LOL too much. With this crazy bunch of people you just could't help it. This included our coach driver, Clive, who's so sporting to let the dudes took their beer stock from the coach in the middle of the night! And we ended up finding another port so we could do whatever we wanted without having to think about the other hotel guests. But instead of continuing the games, they ended up telling ghost stories and finishing up the drinks. While I, just sitting there listening to them and enjoying the peaceful night. For me, that's the best night where everyone started mingling around and breaking the barrier.

That's us standing on top of Europe, Jungfraujoch just before we started the snow fight. The weather up there was bad. It was snowing heavily and the reason why we all put on our shades was to prevent the snowfall from hurting the eyes. Without the shades, I couldn't even open my eyes and walk normally on the snow.

The picture of us inside the Jungfraujoch Ice Palace.

Malaysian and Singaporean chicks having ice-creams in Pisa, Italy.

Top From Left: Ben (M'sia obviously), XQ (Singapore), Faruk (India), Ram (India), Jaryd (New Zealand), Mark (UK), Aamir (India) and Louisa (Australia).
Bottom From Left: Me, Alviana and Carolyn (M'sia), Karen (Singapore) and Nikki (UK) 

I seriously miss travelling with this crowd. I miss the coach ride, especially my favourite seat (the 2nd last from the back). I miss us playing crazy games in the coach. 

Sweet memories won't fade just yet and I'm thankful for the lovely experience. Looking forward to reunite with XQ in Singapore, next year perhaps.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Aren't Sisters

Funny how they thought Ben and I are sisters. Even funnier, "twin sisters". Are you seriously kidding me? lol. It started in Paris itself, our very first day of the trip. In the lift, precisely, when our newly met Singaporean friend, XQ said we looked like sisters. I asked in which part do we look alike and she said our eyes. Erk? Then the next one was in Switzerland in front of our hotel after spending time on the bridge exchanging ghost stories. When I said I wanna go off to bed, one of the Indian guys purposely dragged a conversation so I won't be going back to my room with Ben. He gave us a class of wine each as a nice-to-know-you sign. When we told them our names, they straightaway asked "Are you two sisters?" just because our name both starts with B and that they said we look alike. Again. The Canadian couple said the same thing too. We told them we're not even related by blood. hahaha. They called us B & B instead, to be safe. And as always, our names got mixed up. I'm being called Ben and vice versa.  

Getting our names mixed up is not a new thing. Even our lecturers did and still do that. Sometimes you just felt annoyed when they can't even get it right. But well they're not entirely to blame though. Our names start with B. Both studying in the same class, wearing almost identical glasses during class, having long hair, always together. Wonder when can this end.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paris, I'm NOT in love

I just came back from my 12 days Euro Trip a few days ago. I think I've recovered from the trip by now. And just thought it might be a good idea to share some of my experiences during those 12 days in this blog. Let's start with France, Paris in particular.

The first thing I noticed when we entered Paris was the graffiti. It's everywhere! Some are quite cool though. But the city smells! The smell of pee is horrible, especially in the Metro Station. Dogs' Poop's everywhere you gotta have to watch your steps. Such a turn off it is. I wonder how can you feel the love when it smells horribly? Did I mention the Metro sucks big time too? oh and and the mineral water tastes weird, I couldn't take it.

Right, enough with the turn-offs of Paris. Here are some photos of famous places in there:


Sacre Coeur Basilica

The Louvre

Love Bridge
where lovers lock their padlocks and throw the keys into River Seine 
as a sign of undying love.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Ever so famous Eiffel Tower
It's just a besi buruk that only looks good at night.

Oh ya! French isn't that friendly and helpful if you speak English to them. Try using Malay/ Chinese or whatever non-English language, they'll be more willingly to help. Last words, beware of the pickpockets.

Till then :)