Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Switzerland,with love

It's our 5th day of travelling. We've been enjoying every single moment of the trip. The new friends are cool! The tour guide and the driver are lovely! Now, we're in Switzerland and we've just got back from the top of Europe. Weehoo It was amazing up there I swear! Till then.

Switzerland with love :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Europe Sweet Escape

Done with all the packing. Just waiting for the time to pass and leave for the bus station to London. I'm so excited! The last country we visited was Scotland and that was like last December. This time we're off to 7 freaking countries --> France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Belgium and Austria. Oooh la la. It's gonna leave a BIG hole in the wallet for sure but I don't really care now. I just wanna travel and see the world. Chance like this doesn't always come people. So I'm gonna say goodbye to my part-time job for now, just forget about everything and enjoy! See ya after 4th of August! Till then, sayonara!

It's summer holiday bebeh!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Good Night" Malaysia vs UK

I remember last time when I was in school my English teachers always reminded us not to greet 'Good Night' although it's night time. Unless you're going to bed, then it's appropriate to use. They told us to use 'Good Evening' instead. But when I'm here I face different thing. No matter where you are, you're going to bed or not, they'll still say 'Good Night' when it's night. My first encounter was during my first week of work, more than a month ago. One of the lecturers in the building said 'Good Night' to me when she passed by me on her way to the lift. I thought I've heard it wrongly. With Malaysian context still on my mind, I was confused:   'Why has she greeted me good night when obviously I'm not going to bed anytime soon?' Then slowly I discovered they use that phrase for late evening as well. See... how things are different yea? Now that I've worked there for two months, I'm getting used to it. Even I replied them with that phrase when they said it to me. Just thought it might be worth sharing here.   

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silence is golden

If you've known me long and well, you'll probably know when I'm a lot silent than usual, it shows that I'm angry/annoyed. I just doesn't feel the urge to speak when I know the words I'm gonna utter will mainly based on anger. I don't like shouting, I don't even know how to shout to channel the anger out *sigh*. I find it's better to keep silent than to hurt others with words 'cause sometimes they can be sharper than knives.  Let them figure what they've done me wrong to make me that silent. I just don't like pointing out. So when you sense I'm a lot quieter than usual, you better not say anything much 'cause I just won't entertain you. 

"Silence is a woman's best garment."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary Marjon 1

It seems just like yesterday I stepped my feet on Gaya Teacher Training Institute. The first person I sat next to. The first person I talked to. The first three friends. I still remember how awkward it was like to be talking to some new friends and trying to catch up with what they're saying with their accent. The first impression. The quarrel. The laughter.The cry. The gossips. We've been through them all. The bittersweet of our journey as Marjonians. And yeah, some hate us, bad-mouth about us, envy us, ignore us,being sarcastic towards us. Just because we're in the twinning programme with overseas Uni. Just because we got the best classroom, with air-conditioner. I still remember what the Maths seniors said to us at that stairs heading to our class.

"Sejuk ka tu UK?" (sarcastically and pointing to our class)
                                      "Kirim slm UK ah!" (wth?)

There's a lot more. With people always trying to find our fault and all. We're almost  immuned to it already. It hurts, I know but well we can't shut their mouth. The most we could do is to ignore them and enjoy our privileges hahaha.

Four years, a lot has changed. And we still have another year here before we face the same thing again back in Gaya. How time flies!

Happy 4th Anniversary Marjon 1 
Cohort 1 Cycle 3
16th July

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make way to hairdresser

After 2 years in the UK, this is my first time (might be my last too)  having my haircut here. And that was like after thinking 1001 times and after being persuaded by my dearly persuasive friends, 'cause it's freaking expensive to have a haircut here! Plus you have to do an appointment beforehand which I find is quite troublesome. And for long hair they gonna charge more obviously!

So today we went to the hairdresser (Jules Studio), the one that has been suggested by my colleague. She said it gonna cost me like 10 quids for a haircut. But arghh! The lady at the counter told us that it gonna cost like 32 quids (around 160MYR) just for less-than-a-thumb's length. I was like 'bagus aku pi shopping di New Look siap boleh dpt 3 pairs of jeans lagi!' So off we went to another hairdresser.

For this one we got a reasonable price. 12.95 quids for long hair dry cut and another 3 quids for fringe trim. 15.95 quids in total, half the price of the former. No appointment necessary. Friendly hair stylist despite being mistaken as Chinese (almost immuned to it by now). The only thing is the way they layer the hair is weird. Ketara bertingkat mcm tangga ni. Adeh. But yea, I got my hair shorter now and the fringe is back. So no regrets although sayang tgk tu rambut panjang.