Monday, June 20, 2011

Going home

Seeing one by one leaving Marjon for Malaysia doesn't seem to change my mind of staying over. I know if I want to, I still could. Just a phone call away, I could get myself on board. But the feeling is just not there. Am I that feelingless? Perhaps it's because of the better options I've opted to. Travelling- yup, I haven't visited much countries during my stay here. This is the great time for me to go out of the country and explore the world. I haven't have much time left 'cause it's gonna be my last summer here. Now that I have a part-time job, it's gonna be harder to apply for leave 'cause I've only 30 days of leave (with holiday pay). So I'd better save some 'leave' for the winter . The besties are staying as well. We've promised that we gonna have each other throughout the summer. I'm not gonna be selfish. I'm not leaving them behind. 'cause I know how it felt to be left alone. So here I am...still thinking that staying for summer is a far off better option. SUMMER you better be good. Give us some sunshine.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


When people serve you food or drink, at least show some courtesy by taking a bit or a sip. It's just simply disrespectful if you don't even touch it. As if we are not aware of what you cannot take. As if we purposely add things you can't take in it. Your action just now definitely hurt my feeling. Now tell me how can we live in unity when we don't even know how to treat others? Just don't come to this house if you are too cautious of everything. We just don't need people like you around. Period.