Monday, May 30, 2011

Mister A

If I have your mobile number, I would've called you.
If I have you in my skype list, I would've texted you.
If I have you here, I would've ran to you.
If it was like 7 years ago. Just a text and you were there at my house with your bicycle.
You told me the whole truth about that big fat liar.
You comforted me like a big brother does to his sister.
You stayed with me although I remained silent.
You protected me so I won't get hurt.
I miss you.
Please come back.

-fragile 'sister'-

Monday, May 23, 2011

Say Hi to Working World

I finally got a part-time job here in Plymouth after a long long wait. And I'm so lucky for not having to undergo any interview or short-listing period. After going for the induction, I was told to start the following week. Everything was like happened too fast, I can't believe I've got a job already. All thanks to the friend of mine for the recommendation. I couldn't thank you enough for the chance given.

So today was my first day at work. We (my friend and I) were put together to work in the same floor, the lecturers office. Doing the bins, polishing the table, cleaning the toilets and vacuuming. That's basically the cleaning job we have to do. I can't imagine if I were to do the floor alone. I'm not sure if I can manage. There are like 30 freaking rooms to be cleaned in 2 hours!!!

Well, today is just the beginning. I'll get used to it soon. And thank God the workplace is so near to my house, less than 5-minute walk. To mummy & daddy, your girl is working now. You should be proud. LOL.

 Lastly, praise the Lord for all the blessings He has given me to date.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Comforting the heart

Summer holiday is getting near now. Unlike last year, no countdown for this time for I'm staying here for the break. I envy those who have secured their tickets back home, I really DO. But I've made the decision long before that I'll be staying for this last summer break in a foreign country. I might be missing lots of interesting stuff back home but I shouldn't forget that there are still things that I should look forward to this summer (and perhaps winter).
  • 1st Borneo @ Europe gathering (11th June) : St Ives, I shall witness your beauty once again :)
  • I'll be going off for 12 days trip to 7 countries (woot2) : France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Belgium and Austria. I'll be there this coming 23rd July- 3rd August :)  
  • Visiting other friends at Portsmouth, Canterburry (still in planning)
  • Baths/Spain/Ireland (if the budget permitted)
  • BBQs, enjoying the sun 
  • Job Hunting (tough one I think)

And, of course, the main reason for not returning home this summer is because sweetheart's coming here this 20th Nov! and I'm planning to go home together in December for the winter break! That's going to be more memorable. Plus the siblings will most probably be home too that time. And yeah! Mel's returning home for good in December. Triple happiness. am so looking forward to reunite with ELLEBEMEL :) Winter break spent in Malaysia is a far better option!

Look at the bright side! Nobody's home this summer. Dady & Mumy will be busy working in Bintulu, big sis in Singapore, Leo in college in Kuching and Meo studying in KL. It's not worth it though if I'm back this summer.

And I have the bestfriends with me here throughout the summer :)

I think I've made the right decision. Dear heart, please be nice and don't go fragile.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ladies Ballroom Shoes

I'm in love with this ballroom shoes!
£19.95, was £44.95.
Should I or should I not buy?
*Dance mode activated*