Thursday, April 21, 2011

Officially 22

21st April 2011
I turned 22 today.
Since it falls on Maundy Thursday I couldn't have a proper party as we're still on fasting season. So the celebration has to be postponed to after Easter then.
But I went to City Centre with my two companions to enjoy the sunshine & get some ice creams of course (I've been craving for it.hahaha)!

I love roses. Thanks to the giver :)

Korean Artist sesat...hehehe

The birthday girl

The housemates

At Starbucks, Drake Circus

Purple tee + Pinky duvet cover
Just perfect! Those are my favourite colours :)

Yay! I have FRESH roses in my room now :)

Yummy butter cake, a gift from Shidiey

Leather Satchel, a gift from the bestfriends, Bennedette & Alviana

Cute & creative Card by Wanie @ Along

Pinky birthday cards
Love them!

Oh! This is the most expensive gift I've ever had!
My new baby, a gift from dearest Daddy.
I love you Dy :)

Not to forget thanks to everyone who posted birthday wishes in my Facebook Wall. I know FB always send birthday notification and not everybody actually knows it's your birthday personally. But still I appreciate those wishes you gave me. Thanks!
(perhaps I should turn off the notification so I can know who really remember my birth date.hahaha)

And to those who texted to my phone (you know who you are, there's only 3 of you), thank you so much. I really appreciate it & find it meaningful. It reminds me of those days where nobody is on fb/fs yet, but they remembered your birth date (because they knew you well and cared for you) & texted you birthday wishes. Thank you guys for making me feel loved.

So I'm officially 22 now :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

God loves us

I attended Palm Sunday mass at Efford yesterday with my fellow brother and sisters in Christ. One part of the mass was for us to come forward to the priest, confess our sins and ask for his blessing. There was no force, it's whether you wanna do it or just stay seated. One by one stood forward but I was still sitting there collecting all my courage to do it. I said to myself I've sinned and that I shouldn't be afraid of admitting it. So I joined in the queue and when it's my turn I confessed all my sins that I could recall. The priest hold my hands and said,
"...Remember God always loves you. He has forgiven you. Keep believing in Him. Happy Easter."
I returned to my seat. A huge relief it was after the confession. But his (the priest's) words were still lingering on my mind. I felt guilty. Guilty for (always) neglecting my responsibility as God's servant all these while and yet God still loves me. The background music moved me even more. I felt like crying but I managed to hold back my tears. I must be strong. I said to myself it's God's reminder for me to repent. Be a good Christian, Beattrice.

I'll try my best Dear Lord. Bless me.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Living with lecturer part 1

I've never thought that I'd be living with my own lecturer here in Marjons. She taught us back in Gaya and now she's here taking up her Master Degree in the same uni. She was in the house opposite mine last semester until one day she called me that she wanted to ask something. Not even once I thought she was going to ask about the vacant room downstairs. And everything happened quite fast that I didn't even have the time to digest. It was on the same day itself she got the accommodation moving approved and straightaway moved in. Now you can imagine how speechless I was.

1st It's my lecturer! How awkward is that!!
2nd The kitchen is now stuffed with more things (ndak suka sesak2.huhu)
3rd Less freedom, really have to behave (read:respect)

I need time to adapt to this new environment :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


I'd rather go offline than tell lies.
I don't want to take the blame
if anything should happen.

I just want to play safe
So I'll just stay quiet here
And mind my own business.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mad about Swing

I attended my first Swing Dance class on Saturday the 2nd :)
Thanks to Clare and Ben for inviting me to tag along.
For a complete beginner I was real nervous at first, afraid that I couldn't catch up the steps.
But as we went along, switching partners, I just couldn't be bothered about making mistakes. Like what the instructor (Duncan) said, "Don't keep thinking about the steps. Let it just flows you'll automatically get it."
The theme for that night was 1920's.

Then we had Social Party right after the class. Sitting by the corner, just by looking we were really amazed by how good they were on the dance floor! Envied them for their talent! But the best part was when Duncan asked me to dance with him. I refused him twice but he just won't let me go until I said yes. So there I was, on the dance floor with him. He led me and I just went with the flow. But seriously I have no idea of what I was doing. Pening kena pusing balik2.hahaha. The friends said I did good.

And before I'm off, another guy asked me to dance. Why not, right? He's really a gentleman I swear. He took me to the side to teach the basics and when I've got it we slowly entered the dance floor. Oh what an experience!

I loved the night. Now tell me who would refuse a dance class with only £5 fee per lesson?

Click HERE if you wanna know how Swing Dance is like.