Saturday, February 26, 2011

Three Rajahs of Sarawak

I found it! I found it! After one and a half year of searching! Hooray! Granduncle gave me the wrong info, no wonder it didn't help my search at all. Plus I'm lack motivation to read historical stuff and that makes it longer to discover. But whatever. I've found it now. It's in Dartmoor!!! At Sheepstor Church to be exact. Now I'm all geared up to fulfill my promise to Granduncle :) I'll make your wish comes true.

This is the main reason I wanna go there.

And owh they have the pua kumbu!

the 7th generation.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We rinse, they don't.

Week A
French lady: Back in your country do you rinse?
Me: Yea, we do.
French lady: 'cause the English don't (doing funny facial expression).
But we do rinse (smile).

Week B
English lady: Can you help me dry them please?
Me: Yea, sure.
English Lady: I feel ashamed doing the washing up with people from other country... 'cause we don't rinse (laugh).
Me: Ow...that's alright.

Well, every Sunday we have this free lunch at the Church hall after mass. And we'll take turn helping out with the dishes. One thing I've learned, English don't rinse. When I first came to help the English lady, I automatically pour some water from the tap using my palm to get rid of the bubbles on the glass. I couldn't help it 'cause I'm very particular when doing the dishes. Maybe the lady noticed that and said she's ashamed ... (refer to the above conversation). Only then I realised it must be due to my action of pouring the water. But it's in me, I couldn't help it. When you're used to something, sometimes you just won't notice doing it. I felt sorry. Sorry for making her rinse the glasses. And sorry for myself too 'cause I have to wipe the bowls, glasses and cutlery with the bubbles still on them (euwwwwww). I just acted cool and kept on wiping them though my mind said the contrary "don't wipe, rinse it, it's still dirty."

The moment the lady stepped out from the room and I was quite sure she won't come back, I grabbed all the cutlery and rinsed them. I just couldn't stop imagining myself eating using not-so-properly-washed kitchenware. Oh No!

Now you see how our culture differs from others.

Friday, February 18, 2011

"I do"

The other day a friend of mine asked "Don't you want to get married early?". I confidently said "No." She seemed shocked 'cause she knows I'm quite serious with HJ. Again she asked me, "Why?". I'm just not ready I said. There're so many things I wanna do before I get the title 'wife'. I wanna have a stable financial status. Buy my own car. Give monthly allowance to my youngest brother. Have a quality time with family. Spend money for them.

It's not that I can't do it after I'm married. I still can but the feelings aren't the same. I'll have bigger commitments: family, in-laws, career, husband. And I don't think I'm quite ready for that. Marriage is a big thing. It's not like "Oh I love you, you love me. Let's get married" or "I don't think we can get along anymore. Let's divorce." If I choose to marry you, that means I wanna grow old with you no matter what life throws at us.

If he/she truly is for you, no matter how long it would be you'll still be together at the end.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Give me Tiramisu cake, please :)

I've been craving for tiramisu cake for so long that I grabbed one at Tesco one fine Sunday.

But I didn't like it much 'cause the base layer is soaked with coffee liqueur and marsala wine. The fact that I don't take coffee and I don't really like wine (I do take it occasionally) made me take just part of it. The rest I passed it to my besties, Ben and Alviana. You two loved it right? hehe :P

Feeling unsatisfied, I decided to make my own tiramisu cake after getting the recipe from YouTube :) So Alviana and I went to ASDA to get all the ingredients needed.

So, tadaaa... This is our 1st homemade Tiramisu cake (made it few weeks ago).

We replaced the Espresso with Mocha so that the coffee taste won't be that strong. Though the presentation is not that good but at least the taste is GREAT! It's yummy! It's finished in only a day by Shah, Ben, Al and I.hahaha... I'm happy that they liked it.

And a week after, we decided to make it again since we (Al & I) didn't get to eat as much as we like. So this time we want to keep it all to the two of us only.
Tadaaaaa....our second homemade Tiramisu cake.

It's more creamy this time 'cause we used more mascarpone cheese :) And we used All Butter Scottish Shortbread Fingers. It tasted nicer!!!

We said earlier we want to keep it to ourselves right?
But we didn't at last. Since sharing is a good thing, so we invited Shah and Saufi to come over. I expected only two but it turned out to be the whole house was here [Fong, Saufi and Hafiz] after their badminton session. And Shah's the one missing.

They loved the cake!! Yippee!I'm happy to see them happy! I should do it again next time.
Perhaps when the allowance's in.

What I have in mind:
1 Kek lapis sarawak
2 Kek holiday inn
3 Cheese cake


Drawing and colours make me feel good.

Whenever I'm bored or wanting to feel good, I love to draw (or scribble) and play with the colours. I only draw simple things 'cause I'm not that talented. But as long as it looks good to my eyes, I'll be more than satisfied.

So I drew these two pictures down here just now just to kill my time.

And as usual it's always about love, about me and him. And I've pasted it on my notice board. Weehuu... I love them :) At least everytime I see them I'll put a smile on my face and all the problems will be forgotten for a second :)

I feel good now.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cornish accent & anti-clockwise clock

After spending 8 hours at school (plus another 2 hours for the to and fro journey), I really deserve a good rest. I've been working hard enough trying to catch up and record down the classroom metalanguage. You want to know why was it that hard? Because the teacher speaks very fast and with her strong Cornish accent! Gahhhh! If only the school allowed audio recordings, it would have been easier.*sigh*

Anyway, I found something interesting today. Ever seen an anti-clockwise clock? No? Well just now was my first time seeing it, during Year 13 ICT class. When I first looked at it, I thought the clock wasn't working because it didn't show the same time as my watch. And I still didn't realised about the reverse numbering until Tian Wei pointed it out. It took us seconds to work it out. I feel silly. But still I got cheated 'cause I forgot it's going anti clockwise. Damn it! I thought it was already 20 past 3 (school ends at half past 3) when it was actually 20 to 3, which mean I still have another 50 minutes to go.

Unique right? I'm thinking of buying one next time. hehehe :P