Friday, January 28, 2011

So close yet so far

So close yet so far. Studying at the same college, living at the same student village and yet we don't get to see each other often. Being separated into two different classes, Raleigh and Drake, makes us more comfortable to be around the 'new' classmates. Raleigh's with Raleigh's and Drake's with Drake's. And because of the cold weather outside, we'd rather be staying inside the house than spending time catching up with fellow friends.

And last night, I caught myself feeling awkward talking to one of my Gaya's Marjon 1 classmates. I just didn't know how to keep the conversation going. It was nothing like before. It was so awkward I wanted to just leave. How sad is that! I realise now how I miss those moments back in Gaya. By Gaya I mean the relationship with the classmates, not the college as overall.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miniature doll & cupid :)

I got a lil present from my lovely friend last monday.
It's a miniature doll which she painted herself.
Ain't it cute? ;)
She named it 'Kiki'. I'll just keep to that name.

This is my 'Cici' which I bought from the carboot sale for 50p last year.

Now Cici has got her company already. Yippee!
Kiki & Cici. Just perfect!

That's my picture with the giver of Kiki.
This picture was taken a few years back after our M.O.V. practice, 2008.

Us again, Starbucks Coffee Bean Damai, 2009.

Winter January 2010

Spring 2010

Auni, sy sayang kamu :) Such a good friend you are.
You're my cupid. Without you and ******, I won't be with him now.
Thanks for the happiness you've given me.
Stay the way you are k.
I know things are changing every now and then.
But no matter what they say, you're still my good friend.
I love you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I went to Bodmin College, Cornwall today for my S.B.E and it's about an hour journey from Marjon to Bodmin. We received a very warm welcome from the staff members and all. Mrs Harris, who is in charge of us, was very helpful. She gave a lot of information about the school to us and she even brought us for a tour around the school. It's a big school I must say. I don't think I would be able to find my way there without any guidance. Even the map won't help me much.haha.

We attended the staff meeting and gila eh...mcm The Apprentice! The principal is like Donald Trump. After he gave his speech, he called out the staff name and they would make their announcements. Serious tkejut at first. But then when it came to Mrs Harris introducing us as visitors from Malaysia, the principal smiled and was very friendly. Hilang trus character as Donald Trump.hehe :P

It's a bit different in this school compared to others that I've been to. They have 100 minutes allocated for each lesson, so they only have 3 periods in a day. Mrs Harris said it's done that way to avoid students having time to do 'unnecessary' things along the corridor. Less swapping classes means less distraction. But fuhhhh... I've been standing for 100 minutes in a Technology class and another 100 minutes in an English class. It's a long long period.

I was able to observe students from GREENFIELD class. They are students with special needs who have difficulty in learning. Honestly, I love the class. There was no tension. The teacher was funny, cheerful and sporting. He even played the music from his phone so that students would enjoy themselves. The idea behind this was to make the students feel that learning is fun. I quite like that. I could see the students were enjoying themselves doing the soldering and designing their lantern box. It somehow reminded me of things we did for KMT (they call it Product Technology here) during Form 3. It was more or less the same. I'm impressed by their talent in drawing. And yeah the teacher kept giving praise to them and made them feel special. "See, you can do what the main stream can't. Excellent!" "You should be proud of yourself for your great work." "You should be proud to have a visitor from Malaysia to see your fantastic work." I wish I could be just like the teacher, making students feel good about themselves :)

Overall I love the school but not the journey. I felt like throwing up because of the dizziness. It was stuffy inside the mini bus, no air. That's one thing I hate about being in car/public transports in the UK. Have to suffer the journey for another 4 visits. and OMG! I'm gonna have 300 minutes PE lessons next Tuesday!!!!!!!!! Gila eh!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New room arrangement ;) last I'm saying goodbye to Shakespeare on Film 'cause I've just handed in the assignment at 11.00 this morning :) Seriously doing Shakespeare is really a challenge but yeah I've survived eventually *pat on my shoulder*

So as usual the room needed to be tidied up. Papers and reference books were all over. Besa la bha tu kan, perang asgmnt :P And this time instead of just tidying up the room I decided to rearrange the position of bed and all (except for the table and wardrobe, of course, because they're stuck there!)

Tadaaaaaaaa! room 16D :)

My study table, with the family photos on the wall & in the frame.
Gambar sweetheart MESTI la ada.hihi...
Baru la bha semangat blajar gini (kunun :P)

Professional stalker of HJ.
That answers why his photos are all over :P
View of my side table and shelf.

My comfy bed with pinkish duvet :)

Cupid wall stickers.
From left to right: Olly, Sensen, Teddy, Hippo & Doggie
*Al, I've finally named it.ngee*

Our portraits, couple swans & candles.

Another book shelf.

My wash basin, decorations on the wall with photos of friends.

Fong said my room 'bilik jiwang' just because I put up lots of photos of sweetheart :P He even counted them all the other day. lol.
Very girlish kan my room?
suda namanya pompuan.hihi..
I love my room!

I'm in holiday mood again 'cause there won't be any lectures till Monday!
Bliss! Di sini jak dpt ni...kalau di Gaya, jgn harap lor...

Bha,that's about it. Bubye :)