Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I have feeling too alright!

I know. Just because I'm being quiet people do and say whatever they want. But please...I'm being quiet doesn't mean I'm not hurt. It doesn't mean I'm happy. It doesn't mean I don't care. And most of all, I do have feelings too alright! If only you knew how it felt...If only...

And another thing,
sy sik suka org ngungkit. mun ko dah polah ya, dah la. kenak mok juak kamboh2 kedak owg len x penah polah. sy pun da polah, xda juak sy kamboh2 kedak awk ya. Mulut ya jaga sikit,iboh nak klaka skati mak bapak jak sik ngira owg. sy diam x bmaksud sy suka ngan cara awk ya okay? hormat ckit ngan owg, tangga lok awk ya sapa, sy sapa. sy diam sebab sy x kedak awk. Obviously!

normal human being,